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Culture change doesn't happen overnight; give yourself a chance

ClockWhen thinking about hiring a consultant to work with you on a service improvement programme it is easy to get caught up in Monday-Friday 9-5 thinking.  You want to get the most from the time available and make your improvements as quickly as possible.

That's not necessarily the most effective way though.  Delivering IT services is challenging enough but to improve services you need to engage your staff in the service improvement process and they are probably already stretched for time as it is.  They have business as usual to attend to and if you want to keep your customers happy their day-to-day needs must come first. The amount of time available for service improvement work will be determined by this.

It's much more realistic to work with your consultant to develop a part-time project that is spread out over a longer period of time.  You are much more likely to be successful in achieving culture changes if you take a steady pace and allow your staff to assimilate them comfortably.  Trying to do too much too soon can be counter productive.

Small achievable targets are the surest way to success.  It may be urgent but piling the pressure on is the surest way to failure.  Be realistic and give yourself a fighting chance.


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