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Our philosophy is to empower you as quickly as possible and remove ourselves from the equation. We don’t want you to spend any more money than necessary on consultancy. We want to make a difference and move on to make a difference somewhere else. We want you to be so pleased with the difference that we made that you recommend us to others so that we can help them too.

We will be honest with you. There is no magic bullet that will convert you from one way of working to another. Attempting a full-time implementation of good practice process is not realistic because you have business as usual to attend to. If you want to keep your customers their needs must come first and process improvement must be fitted in accordingly. Small, achievable targets are the only way. It is not going to happen overnight. If it is urgent, the sooner you start the better.

We are not consultants in the sense that we say “give us your money and then tell us what you want us to do”. We offer a range of explicit services that can be taken individually, repeatedly or as a tailored bundle. Pricing will of course depend on scale and scope but our rates are transparent and we refine our initial estimate by phase and contract by phase so that you are always in control of the commitment.

Meet the Team

The Directors of T2CONSULTING have over 30 years' of combined experience working in IT. See their individual profiles below.

Andy Torble

Director, Software Development

AndyAndy Torble, Director, Software Development is responsible for software development. He is a software analyst, designer and programmer with a particular interest in User Experience (UX) issues and lean development processes. He believes in getting the product in front of the customer as quickly as possible for early feedback, so that changes to requirements and corrective action can be taken as cheaply as possible and unnecessary rework is kept to a minimum. Change is normal in software development, as needs become clearer to both the customer and the analyst - it is advisable to build this reality into the process. Andy's technical skills are constantly updated and technical manuals frequently make their way into his holiday luggage. He is in the process of rounding out his academic qualifications by undertaking a BSc in IT and Computing in his ‘spare’ time.

In his past life Andy was a professional theatre lighting designer and technician, with responsibility at one time for the Lighting Department at London's National Theatre. He left his successful thespian career to follow his interest in computing, setting up his first software company in 1994 and subsequently brought his business skills and experience to the benefit of T2CONSULTING, with Tracey in 2001. He has worked with a wide variety of clients in public and private sector areas, such as central government, broadcasting, finance and higher education, as well as providing skills to specialist software providers.

Andy is a member of the BCS, Scrum Alliance and IPSE (formerly PCG).

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Tracey Torble

Director, IT Service Management

TraceyTtracey Torble, Director, IT Service Management is responsible for IT service management and quality management. She is ITIL Expert qualified, technical author trained, holds the PTLLS award for teaching adults and is quality manager for T2CONSULTING. She recently graduated from the Open University with a first class honours degree in Humanities with English Language and has since added to this with a post-graduate certificate in online and distance education focusing on technology enhanced learning. Tracey is passionate about the benefits and practicalities of IT service management at the sharp end – empowering technical staff to be efficient and effective on terms that are meaningful to them, and she believes that this is the key to successful implementations of good practice process. She also believes wholeheartedly in the value of good quality documentation to support consistency, continuity and compliance and is sceptical about the value of taking skilled technicians away from what they do best to focus on writing procedures.

Tracey started her career in administration and human resources, spending her formative years mainly at the BBC and the National Theatre, before getting involved in IT at EMI Music at a time when the personal computer was replacing the typewriter and email early adopters needed a dedicated modem. From there she returned to the BBC to work as an IT support supervisor and manager in the radio, television and worldwide divisions. Leaving in 2001 to set up T2CONSULTING with Andy, she has since worked with clients in local government, education, pharmaceuticals, telecoms and the motor industry.

Tracey is a member of the ITSMF, ISTC, BCS and IPSE (formerly PCG).

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Our offices are located in Camberley, Surrey, UK. We are well situated with good access to all major road, rail and air links.

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