How We Work

At T2CONSULTING client needs are our first priority. We structure our work in such a way as to emphasise client satisfaction or otherwise at regular intervals. This enables us to keep on track, adjust to changing needs and generally make sure that clients are satisfied during and on completion of our work.

T2CONSULTING's approach is to begin by setting out in writing our understanding of the client's needs for review and agreement before beginning work. We will then provide our clients with regular written status reports throughout our period of work, which will be supplied at appropriate intervals to be agreed and include an opportunity to discuss regularly the work carried out, progress, plans and any issues arising. This enables us to understand the clients's position as the work unfolds and allows us to adjust accordingly to continue to meet their needs.

At the end of a piece of work T2CONSULTING will provide the client with a final report detailing all outcomes and deliverables, including location information of documents supplied during the course of the work. We will seek client feedback on opportunities for improvement and, in alignment with our ISO9001 certification, we will use this to develop our capabilities and formally learn from our experiences.

T2CONSULTING is also committed to passing on costs saved to its clients and will endeavour at all times to use the most cost effective way of working to enable this. This might include avoiding unnecessary travel by working off-site and using technology to facilitate meetings and discussion, where appropriate. We also believe there are times when only face-to-face will do.

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Recent Clients

  • UCAS
  • Becta

Our Offices

Our offices are located in Camberley, Surrey, UK. We are well situated with good access to all major road, rail and air links.

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