ITSM Process Introduction

  • Do you start at one end and finish where you expect to be?
  • Are your processes repeatable for predictable results?
  • Map your processes and follow them for consistency.

If you are providing IT support you are already doing incident management to some degree. How efficiently and effectively you are doing it will determine whether you can devote enough time to being proactive instead of reactive. If your team is constantly fire-fighting it might be time to review your incident management process.

T2CONSULTING uses recognised good practice as a template against which to assess your current operation and provide you with a gap analysis and a set of recommendations.

T2CONSULTING works with you to plan and implement the recommendations in a pragmatic and achievable way using a phased approach. This enables you to choose what to invest in and what to defer so that costs are clear and culture change can be taken at an appropriate pace. Change will only occur at the speed of assimilation and this must be done realistically alongside business as usual.

T2CONSULTING can produce your documentation and train your staff as part of the exercise.

As a result you will have in place a system of continual improvement with which to build your operation using good practice processes. There is no magic bullet that will convert you from one way of working to another. The sooner you start the better.

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