IT Service Management

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  • IT services must be IT user centric.
  • IT services must be cost effective and efficient.
  • IT services must show good governance.

ITSM process introduction

If you are providing IT support you are already doing incident management to some degree. How efficiently and effectively you are doing it will determine whether you can devote enough time to being proactive instead of reactive. If your team is constantly fire-fighting it might be time to review your incident management process.

ITSM tools optimisation

Are you making full use of your IT service management system? Can you make improvements to efficiency and effectiveness using the resources you already have? T2CONSULTING assesses your current implementation against the full capability of your ITSM tool and provides you with a gap analysis and a set of recommendations.

Bespoke ITSM training

Cost effective ITSM training at your site tailored to your processes. Close the gap between the theory and application of good practice. Teach people your good practice or introduce them to generic good practice in a way that has been designed to reflect your business needs and processes. Make training directly relevant.

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